Thursday, April 21, 2005

All we 18-35 year olds must speak!

You, yes you. Chances are if you are reading this blog you are in this age group. Probability also dictates that you didn’t vote in the last election.

Did you hear what was said today in Ottawa? Who is looking out for our issues? Election this, scandal that, big business this, day care that. Tell me something I care about. Don’t get me wrong, these issues are important, but do you see a trend? Dalton McGuinty increased drug benefits, and cut preventative medicine. Stephen Harper wants to legislate a ban on gay marriage. Paul Martin pours money into decreasing wait times for MRIs, cardiac surgeries, cataracts, and a bunch of other surgeries with “excessive wait times”. Do you know anyone in our age group who is waiting for a cataract surgery? (Parents and grand parents don’t count)

These people know something, and they are right. People our age are too apathetic to vote. So logic dictates, don’t waste political capital on issues that will benefit an entire generation of non-voters. Wait till these people are old. Guess what?!? I don’t want to have no pension when I’m old. I don’t want to be so sick I will need 45 surgeries because my preventative healthcare is no longer paid for. Heal me now while I am young so I won’t cost a fortune when I am old.

If we want our politicians to start caring about us, the solution is simple. Go out and vote! Whatever the party you support, learn the issues and where everyone stands. Our leaders in the House of Commons threatened to bring down the government today. Don’t wait till you’re old and cranky to whine about your needs. Be heard now. If an election happens, be active, campaign, volunteer. Unless we tell these people that issues relating to us are important, we will always be ignored. Do you want your cardiac surgery in 20 years or do you want preventative healthy living now?

Do what you have to do. Vote, be a good citizen. Don’t prove the parliamentarians right.


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