Saturday, April 30, 2005

Too young to choose but old enough to be a mom

Today I read about a 13-year old Florida girl who had her abortion blocked by a state court. She is 13, pregnant, a ward of the state, 3 months pregnant, too young to make an “informed medical decision”; but not too young to have sex, or become a mother. So instead of allowing a young female to do something drastic like have an abortion, the state ruled that she must carry her pregnancy to term and have a child. Somebody tell me why a kid isn’t “informed” enough to make medical decisions but is informed enough to raise a child.

Florida is a state where brain damaged women in vegetative states should be kept alive indefinitely, you are allowed to shoot someone on the street in self-defence (likely only if you are white), and 13-year old children may have sex, but not abortions. So a girl made a mistake, why punish her and her unborn child? What purpose will bringing an unwanted (and likely unhappy) life into the Florida welfare system serve?

Is Florida really a state that champions the right to life? I had a very hard time grasping why Governor Bush would fight so hard to save a brain damaged woman, yet sign a law allowing people to shoot each other on the street in “self defence”. The two contradicted so beautifully I thought I was reading the Bible rather than the news. The only conclusion I can come up with is that this has nothing to do with a person’s right to life. Florida could care less about a black man shot to death or the well-being of the bastard child of some unruly teenager. The cynical side of me says that the only thing that matters to Florida is the welfare of white-upper class Floridians.

Who will benefit most from a law allowing people to be shot on the street in self-defence? A black man is by default a criminal in a court of law. Terri Schiavo was a white woman who could afford health insurance to keep her alive for 14 years. If she was black, would Jeb Bush try to become her legal guardian? The hypocrisy in Jesusland sickens me. If this pregnant teenager was the daughter of an elite family, I can only imagine that rather than punishing her foolishness, an abortion would have been given quietly and painlessly. A court battle is only reserved for those who can’t afford better. Leave no millionaire behind. Bush doesn’t intend to.


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Complimenti Unusual Geek per il post riguardante Too young to choose but old enough to be a mom . Volevo sapere se puoi dare uno sguardo al mio sito che parla di risultati scommesse e dirmi come ti sembra. Se ti interessa l'argomento risultati scommesse non puoi trovare di meglio!

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