Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Give Lisa Nowak a break

I seldom feel sympathy for characters in the news but Lisa Nowak, I just feel sorry for. Here is a lady who has obviously worked very hard to get to where she was. I don’t know much about her, but people at the top of their fields are often lonely because their careers take so much energy they can’t foster relationships. She found someone she thinks she liked, had a lapse of judgement, lost it, and now she’s in the news everyday because once upon a time she was a high flying astronaut.

There are people who go crazy and do far more psychotic things all the time that don’t make prime time news. Her life has already fallen apart. She lost her job, her titles, and her ability to go into space again. Her dreams have already shattered because of a single, albeit stupid action. Does it enrich my life or your life to read about it every day in the news? Not really. So why does the media feel an obligation to publicly humiliate her and remind her of it on an ongoing basis?

Her career is shattered. Let the woman be. Following her trial does absolutely nothing for any us. Go report on something useful like President Bush saying something smart – oh wait….