Friday, August 05, 2005

The meaning of being Canadian

I am so proud of Prime Minister Paul Martin for his appointment of Madam Michaelle Jean as the next Governor General. Rather than appointing a member of the establishment, he reached out to minorities and women by appointing a black Haitian born journalist. How she will fill the very big shoes Adrianne Clarkson leaves in Rideau Hall is anyone’s guess but at least we have someone capable of living up to the challenge.

For years I have complained about our head of state. Our Queen knows little about being Canadian. Not only does she live in another continent, multi-culturalism is as foreign to her as bad caviar. The only thing she represents is the persecution of minorities since the Europeans brought small pox to this world. For five years a gracious Chinese woman has represented her and now a well spoken Black woman will. Canada has moved into the new century much faster than its mother country. We have learned that meritocracy counts for more than aristocracy. If Price Charles was born to any other woman he would scarcely be intelligent enough to lead a boy scout let alone a country. What type of system does not allow for choosing one’s successor? Declaring a republic is a blog for another time, but I am so proud of the message we send out to the world.

Canada is a country for everyone.


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