Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rebuild what?

A day after a narrow minority victory, Stephen Harper wants to start “rebuilding this great country”. My question to Mr. Harper is this, rebuild from what?

What is broken? What is ruined? What needs fixing?
The economy is good. People are fat and fed. Water is running. What needs fixing?!?!
Perhaps we’ve become too liberal in our 12 years of responsible government. Perhaps homosexuals have too many rights? Do women have too much equality? Perhaps Mr. Harper thinks that minorities are too plentiful?

If Stephen Harper wants to “rebuild” this country to its 1980’s era glory, God help us and may our children forgive us. I implore Canadians to stand strong and not let us go back to a broken economy, constitutional crises, and gender inequality. Stand for the Canada you believe no matter what direction our new government wants to take us. We did not come all this way to go back. Stand with me. Stand for Canada. Stand up for minorities, and stand up for independent foreign policy.

Canada is already a strong nation. We do not need rebuilding. We need leadership and forward thinking. Mr. Harper brings us hindsight and managed to convince us that it was a vision for Canada. Thanks Mr. Harper, but I don’t need anything rebuilt. I just need you to not destroy the strong country I already have.


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