Saturday, April 22, 2006

Why do we deny the cost of war?

I am very disappointed in the Conservative Government’s decision not to lower the flag at Parliament Hill in the recent tragedy in Afghanistan. We have lost four of our brothers to the Taleban and Harper has decided to carry on as though its business as usual. Harper is afraid that a flag at half mast will remind people of the cost of war and spark new debate about our role in Afghanistan.

Our role in Afghanistan SHOULD be debated and everyone including our politicians in Ottawa should have a constant reminder of this cost. Is the last Canadian soldier to die less important than the first? We cannot carry on without reminding ourselves about the sacrifice that few have made for so many to enjoy. Lowering a flag to half mast is the least of our duties to these fallen men. Stephen Harper should be ashamed of himself for allowing politics to get in the way of Canadian values.

Let us remember our brothers and examine the sacrifice that they have made. Let us not forget them because of political wrangling. Do not allow the lives of fallen soldiers to become a commodity that we can easily dispose of. Support our troops, support our cause, and let us be reminded of the sacrifice of our brothers.

The simple gesture of lowering a flag reminds us of the sacrifices made and will help us think twice before declaring war.

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Blogger HLS said...

Your post is excellent and I agree with. I was so upst with Conservative decision not to lower the flag at half-mast when a Canadian soldier is killed while in action, that I looked up the Canadian Protocol on our flag and I wrote a post about it. See my post, "Lowering the Flag to Half-mast" on my Blog "Politics and the Law" at "

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