Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hypocrisy is a word we don’t understand

Is it not hypocritical for a smoker to ask another smoker to butt out for the good of her child? Is not hypocritical for a gun owner to ask a neighbour not to keep a gun because of kids in the neighbourhood?
Then how is it not hypocritical for a uranium enriching country to ask another country to stop enriching uranium for the sake of world peace?
What morale authority does the U.S. have over Iran? How can I believe that this request is for the good of humanity when it is coming from the people sold weapons to Saddam Hussein; trained Osama Bin Laden; and illegally invaded and sovereign country? Forgive my cynicism but does anyone else question their good intentions?

Sure we can ask Iran to stop enriching uranium after we are ready to give up our nuclear reactors and the energy it supplies us with. We can go back to the coal fired generating plants of old and continue to pollute our atmosphere. Who has the right to tell Iran not to pursue technology? How did we become the moral authority for the rest of the world? Are they less entitled because their ideology happens not to match ours? I am not against the world disarming in general, but I feel that the west needs to be part of this disarmament otherwise we are no better than that hypocritical smoker. I want my cake and yours too.

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