Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I don't recall voting for a police state

Bev Oda declared today that the Conservatives are here to stay because of its support for women’s rights. Somehow shutting down 12 of the 16 regional Status of Women Canada Offices is a show of support for women. Does she really think that we believe the government supports women rights?

This is our death by a thousand cuts. First we start off by shutting non-supportive media out of the press gallery, then we close advocacy offices to silent the dissident voices, now the latest is the appointment of judges based on ideology. It doesn’t take a lot to take democracy away.

So far we are building towards a society where women revert to their previous roles as second-class citizens with a judicial system built upon biblical theory. Perhaps this government sees too much progress that a Canadian town dares to ban the stoning of women.

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Blogger Gavin Magrath said...

I think you forgot muzzling elected MPs and supporting foreign wars to shore up shaky domestic support ;o)


8:24 PM  

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