Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine’s Day, Anti-Valentine’s Day… Only retailers win

Any store you walk into shortly after the New Year’s holiday, you will surely see a grand display of hearts of some sort. The displays look as if they are smiling at you knowingly -- that their sister display at Christmas likely emptied your wallet more than once. They mock you as if to say, “surely if you ‘truly’ loved someone you would buy a useless trinket to collect dust for your beloved.”

What would a girl do without a store-bought greeting card as a sign of affection? If it is true love it must cost money!?!?! The florist must smile at the suckers in their store once a year.

Even more cheesy is the anti-Valentine’s movement. People send nasty greeting cards to each other and buy gag gifts to mock this commercial festival of profit making. I wonder if they realize that they are still swiping their credit cards?

In a world overrun by consumer debt, I must pay tribute to the ever so clever retailers who can still fill the till over a bogus commercial holiday. Marketing gurus, you truly are a master over people.

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Blogger Dave said...

Whatever standpoint, people are going to buy things. Never thought about that.

9:47 PM  

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