Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Monopolies are clearly above the spirit of the law

Six months ago I entered into a 3-year contract with Bell Canada for mobile phone services. I had a plan through my employer I that although was expensive, was fair. I constantly feel that I’m overpaying for these services but as the world evolves, I shell out to keep up.

This month I took a closer look at the bill and realized that my base charge went up by $10/month and system access fees increased as well. They failed to write me a letter to notify me, or even a courtesy text message. My bill just went up. Last I heard, if one wants to change the terms of our agreement, I should be given a) notice, and b) an option to rescind. Bell Canada gave me neither. I am just supposed to accept this. If I were a rich woman, I would take them to court just out of principle. As it stands, they are the monopoly with lots of highly paid lawyers, and I’m just an average Joe that supposed to get my own Vaseline when they want to screw me.

Better Business Bureau is fine when you are going after fellow little people, but who listens when you want to take on the monopoly for breach of contract? I’m sure I will find in the fine print somewhere that prices subject to change without notice, but then what would be the point of signing a contract?

If you have an answer, let me know. Its not about the extra money I pay every month, this one is about principle.

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